Making the World Prettier one wreath at a time....

With our unique streamlined wreath making system, anyone with any skill level can make a gorgeous wreath every time using fewer materials and less time than traditional methods! DIY wreath making has never been this easy, you've been waiting for this! 

From beginner to Pro in just one go!



Our wreath boards are made out of 100% recycled materials

(yogurt containers) and are recyclable themselves!


Inventor & Head "Wreather"
Laurie Franklin

My name is Laurie I am the creative visionary, inventor and CEO of Unique In The Creek (UITC) wreathing boards. After battling 3 spinal surgeries I was told I could not return to my 25 year career at a local more working/socializing with people, kids were grown and really didn’t need me anymore, no more daily structure, I felt my purpose in life was gone.


I went into a downwards depression until one day I decided I was going to make a wreath. I made a wreath before my surgeries and I really enjoyed it. Problem was with the standard wire wreath frame I could not make it in my recliner. So I decided I was going to make one that anyone would be able to use to make a wreath, regardless of their skill level, disability or age.


After many, many failed attempts, I finally came up with the Unique in the Creek easy to use wreathing boards. To this day we have had people as young as 7 and as old as 96 make a gorgeous wreath and have that amazing “I made that” moment!

President and CFO
Dave Franklin

Dave is the President and CFO of Unique in the Creek. AKA Laurie's therapist, cook, housekeeper and husband!


Before UITC Dave was a truck driver for 30+ years and would come home after work and cut boards in their pool shed on a CNC machine they purchased. He got so busy that it came time where they decided to go all in with their business and he quit his job.


They decided they were going to live in a really nice house or a cardboard box if it didn't work out - but either way they were in this together 100%. 

Tanya Head
Operations Coordinator
Pinterest Specialist
& Manager
Courtney Stich

An incredible Pinterest expert - Courtney specializes in creating brand awareness for Unique in the Creek on Pinterest with stunning images and outside the box description ideas. 

She is responsible for original content and all posts on our board and customer/follower engagement. Her talent for gorgeous visuals is what keeps Unique in the Creek a step above on Pinterest and she is responsible for the increase in traffic to our page and followers to our boards. 

Tanya is the Queen behind the scenes at Unique in the Creek. She oversees Amazon, YouTube, all social media platforms, most contests, newsletters and some of the blogs! She handles all of our customer service emails, escalations and our Affiliate program. Tanya is also Laurie's right hand. Laurie imagines it and Tanya make it make sense...most of the time.

A jack of all trades, master of some! She is what keeps the "wreath moving". 

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