Our Story

Laurie Goldfinch-MacNeill has taught hundreds of crafting classes to people all over the world but her life story teaches us all the most valuable lesson: never ever give up. 


She's let nothing stop her – from health challenges to paralyzing pain, to deep depression after her mobility and eventually her job. But in just 24 months she is now a top Amazon seller, has exclusive products at over 360+ Michael's in the US & Canada and is set to be one of the company's top influencers for 2020; she has thousands of followers on social media and is nominated for Canada's 2019 Mompreneur of the year. 


Laurie didn't begin Unique in the Creek with an intentional dream of creating a million-dollar business. She began with a unique set of challenges and an undying passion for making beautiful art.  


Laurie began crafting at a young age. She was encouraged by her mother to let her creativity flow but found very little time to continue major projects when she started working and caring for her own family. One morning out of nowhere - Laurie experienced a very serious spinal condition in which her spinal cord was fused inside of her spinal column and had to be de-tethered twice. After several spinal surgeries and associated complications, she faced mobility issues and trouble standing for long periods of time. She was forced to retire from her job and became discouraged about finding activities that she could enjoy. 


It was during this time that she re-discovered her love for crafting. With some help from her husband, she developed a design for a frame she could use to make wreaths from a comfortable position in a chair. She set her sights on creating more complicated designs with fancy materials and began to teach classes to others. The activity restored her joy and helped her socialize with other crafters who loved to make masterpieces with their hands. Because she knew that others might also want to create beautiful wreaths and flowers in the comfort of their own homes she enlisted her husband's help to make frames in their garage that could simplify the activity. Once she shared her products in a private Facebook group, within hours she sold hundreds of her wreath boards. She knew she was onto something. In order to protect her invention, she patented the frames and began selling them to crafters around the world. This is how Laurie's family business, Unique in the Creek was born. Her husband quit is 30+ year truck driver job and the entrepreneur dream was born. 


Because she has seen her share of life challenges, her business thrives on including people from all walks of life, with different skill sets, and varying levels of mobility. Through her live workshops, classes, groups, and kits she helps people from everywhere create wreaths, beautiful flowers and amazing seasonal decor.


"My vision was for anyone to be able to make a wreath, regardless of skill level and without any guessing. Our frames are specially designed to fit any skill level and it's been tested on a wide variety of ages! We serve professional wreath makers and home crafters alike."

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